Rethinking Behaviour Program

A customised program for  After-School & Vacation Care Educators

This professional learning program has been developed by Gowrie Training & Consultancy to support educators in understanding and effectively addressing challenging behaviours in school age education and care settings.

Evidence based research along with years of sector experience by Gowrie Training & Consultancy Consultants shows that informed, prepared and responsive educators are critical to supporting children’s wellbeing along with their social, emotional and communication development. Therefore, this program of workshops is all about working with individual educators and teams to critically reflect on their behaviour support practices and to participate in deep discussions about respectful and responsive support strategies.

Gowrie Training & Consultancy know that delivering standalone 2 or 3 hour sessions rarely achieves sustained professional change. Consequently, this program is delivered across a 6-8 week period through 3 x 2.5hr workshops. This approach enables participants/teams/organisations to collaboratively consider new ideas and then to take the opportunity over the following weeks to reflect and to translate ideas into practice. 

The program incorporates a combination of discussions, examples of evidence-based practice, photographic/video exploration and practical applications, including scenario-based activities that strengthen teamwork, critical thinking and self-reflection.

Workshop 1

Reflecting on Practice

  • reflecting on current practice
  • exploring the implications of interaction/parenting styles
  • reviewing our thinking and responses to behaviours
  • interactions with children – body language and communication styles

Workshop 2

Influences on Behaviour

  • identifying external influences
  • revisiting developmental characteristics of school-age children
  • biology of the brain and how this affects children’s self-regulation
  • relationships, relationships, relationships with children, families and schools

Workshop 3

Supporting Positive and Responsible Behaviour

  • developing appropriate expectations for children
  • providing consistent approaches
  • implementing effective documentation to support children


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