Relationship Programs


Gowrie Training & Consultancy provide various sessions, series and programs with a focus on relationship building and attachment that can be applied to all age groups of children. We acknowledge that all learning and development starts with positive and reciprocal relationships. Our professional learning can be used as a map to help adults read the emotional needs of children and understand our role as the adult in a secure relationship.




Relationship programs offered by our facilitators include:

  • Circle of Security Training
  • Understanding Attachment Theory – how this can support your relationships with children.
  • Practical communication strategies – reflect upon your interactions and relationships with children.
  • Picking up on children’s cues – how to be in tune with children.
  • What are children telling us through their behaviour – sessions for both early childhood and school-age children in OSHC settings.

Relationships we share with other adults and colleagues in the workplace are equally important and therefore we also deliver sessions to support these adult work relationships. These sessions can include:

  • Shared visions.
  • Team building – strengthening relationships in teams.
  • Understanding communication and learning styles of colleagues.

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