Kerrie Hansen

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Kerrie Hansen

Gowrie Training & Consultancy Program Leader

Kerrie brings over 15 years experience to the team, 11 of which were spent in Denmark, where she completed her studies with a focus on pedagogy and worked in various education and care settings. Through these experiences, Kerrie deepened her understanding of the potential for rich learning in natural environments through child-led inquiry and play. Kerrie believes we are all citizens of the world and that open, respectful relationships are at the heart of learning and development.

Through her work with Gowrie Training & Consultancy and previous leadership positions, Kerrie works with educators to empower and strengthen their self-value and professional growth. Her current and recent areas of focus include:

  • critical reflection
  • online course development
  • resource and project development
  • Marte Meo

Kerrie is a strong advocate for valuing childhood and is a member of various sector professional groups.