Marte Meo Practitioner Training 2019

Marte Meo Practitioner Training running in Hobart 2019

We have now completed two cohorts of the six-day Practitioner Marte Meo Training with our Licensed Marte Meo Supervisor Joy Elford. Participants are buzzing and excited to spread the word about this fantastic training opportunity.




Marte Meo International is a film-based interaction analysis program now implemented in 43 countries. Founded by Maria Aarts, Netherlands, Marte Meo derives from Latin, meaning “one’s own strength”.

This is a method that has been implemented in a variety of professions including teaching, health services, psychology, social services, nursing, and disability services. It is applicable to anyone who has a role which involves understanding children’s development and recognising the social and emotional elements of the developmental process to support children’s development in concrete and practical ways.

2019 Training Dates:

Thursday 21st March & Friday 22nd March

Thursday 9th May & Friday 10th May

Thursday 4th July & Friday 5th July

Training times: 9:30am – 3:30pm


The six-day training in Marte Meo Practitioner Level involves teaching in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Marte Meo
  • Exploring the Marte Meo adult supportive communication techniques of: Following skills, Leading skills (detailed guidance and confirmation) and Cooperation skills.
  • Making emotional connections
  • Activating development rather than compensating problems and reading the developmental message behind behaviour
  • Recognising how to use supportive communication in daily interactions in the right moment
  • School readiness skills
  • How to lift up social information to support social and emotional connection
  • How to go into the world of the child and match the tempo of the child
  • How to use the lists associated with many of the Marte Meo elements

Participants will:

  • Watch and analyse video clips from the training resource that highlight supportive communication.
  • Review and analyse own video clips taken in a guided and supportive step by step supervisor process.
  • Fine tune and increase observation skills and articulation of practice.
  • Implement practical skills back in the workplace including ongoing mentoring support between training days.

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What did our participants say about the training?

“Marte Meo training is the most powerful, practical professional learning I have done”

“I loved every minute, and wish more people could have the same opportunity as I have” Rebecca

“Thank you for the chance, it is the most amazing and eye-opening training.” Miffy

“Joy was amazing and always made you feel great about yourself.” Kellie

“This is an amazing strength based approach that utilises simple tools, plain English and the power of video to support families and children.” Fiona

“It is all about the little things that make a big difference. You will be astounded!” Sally

“What would I tell others…Do it! It will improve your relationships.” Nicole

“It is invaluable and should be shared in all aspects of our communities. The ripple effects are amazing. The results can be seen and felt instantly.”


Cost including:
Six days training
Marte Meo Practitioner Level Certificate
Light lunch and refreshments

$1090 (excl. GST) (Payment plans are available)


REGISTRATION FORM: Marte Meo six day Practitioner Training – Registration page

For further information:  or (03) 62306867