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A second opportunity to participate in Marte Meo Practitioner Training with Joy Elford

Marte Meo International is a film-based interaction analysis program now implemented in 43 countries. Founded by Maria Aarts, Netherlands, Marte Meo derives from Latin, meaning “one’s own strength”.
Marte Meo is a method that has been implemented in a variety of professions including teaching, health services, psychology, social services, nursing, and disability services. It is applicable to anyone who has a role which involves understanding children’s development and recognising the social and emotional elements of the developmental process to support children’s development in concrete and practical ways.

Monday 30th July & Tuesday 31st July

Monday 24th September & Tuesday 25th September

Monday 29th October & Tuesday 30th October

Training times:

10:00am – 4:00pm each of the days.

This six-day training in Marte Meo Practitioner Level involves teaching in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Marte Meo
  • Exploring the Marte Meo adult supportive communication techniques of: Following skills, Leading skills (detailed guidance and confirmation) and Cooperation skills.
  • Making emotional connections
  • Activating development rather than compensating problems and reading the developmental message behind behaviour
  • Recognising how to use supportive communication in daily interactions in the right moment
  • School readiness skills
  • How to lift up social information to support social and emotional connection
  • How to go into the world of the child and match the tempo of the child
  • How to use the lists associated with many of the Marte Meo elements

Participants will:

  • Watch and analyse video clips from the training resource that highlight supportive communication.
  • Review and analyse own video clips taken in a guided and supportive step by step supervisor process.
  • Fine tune and increase observation skills and articulation of practice.
  • Implement practical skills back in the workplace including ongoing mentoring support between training days.

Cost including:
Six days training with community of practice discussions between training days
Marte Meo Practitioner Level Certificate
Light lunch and refreshments
$1090 (excl. GST)

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