Living and Learning with Gratitude


The practice of gratitude can be applied to any situation and can have a ripple effect across all aspects of your life. In this course you will explore the latest research on how increasing numbers of people are practising gratitude to enhance both their personal and professional lives.

Drawing upon contemporary research, and its particular relevance to education and learning, you will investigate how gratitude can address and overcome some of the most common challenges in our lives.

This practical short course will explore the philosophy, science and practice of gratitude to provide you with strategies you can use both personally and professionally.



Topics covered in the course include:

• Topic 1: What gratitude is, what it isn’t and why it is important

• Topic 2: How thanking awakens our thinking

• Topic 3: Moving from resentment towards gratitude

• Topic 4: Gratitude as a practice in our professional and personal lives.

To find out more about this professional learning opportunity click on the attached flyer below:

Course Flyer – Living and Learning with Gratitude