Child Safety Courses

We are listening to your needs and know that a key area of professional development to support educators in their work with children and families is child safety practices. Gowrie Training & Consultancy is now offering online child safety professional learning in addition to In Safe Hands training.

Child Saftey: two-part series will focus on exploring child safety in the education and care setting. This training will benefit all educators working in the education and care sector whether Family Day Care, In Home Care, Long Day Care or Outside School Hours Care.

Your two online professional learning options are:

1. In Safe Hands – Online Child Protection Training:

This is an external online training that includes individual certificates of completion for each registered participant.

How do you register?

Complete your payment below. An email with login details will be provided to registered person/s once payment has been made. Please note that login information to this online course is not automatic on payment. Please allow for 1-2 working days for processing requests and organising login information.

In Safe Hands registration:

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2. Child Safety: Two-Part series:

Professional learning developed by Gowrie Training & Consultancy includes:

1. A pre-recorded learning video.

Part one of the two-part series that looks at child safety in practice:

  • Exploring the Strong Families, Safe Kids website
  • Identifying what you need to know; Standards, regulations, law, policies and procedures
  • Looking at theory that underpins early childhood practices
  • Reflecting on ECA Code of Ethics and rights of children

2. A scheduled 30-minute live webinar.

The second of the two-part series offers an opportunity to reflect further on information provided in the pre-recorded video, delve deeper into specific contexts of your setting and ask questions of the facilitator.

The two-part series also includes a Certificate on completion

How do you register?

Registration is through our Online platform Thinkific. Payment can be made directly from our Thinkific Online website.

Two-Part Child Safety series registration:

*Please note cost through our online Thinkific platform is inclusive of GST


You can register for both In safe Hands and the two-part series as they are complimentary in information being explored.

If you are a service that would like to register a group, give us a call and we can organise your webinar to be customised to your service. Contact us on 62306824 or email: 


Online child safety training addresses:

  • National Law, Sections 166 - 167. The approved provider must ensure that all educators and staff at the service who work with children are aware of the current child protection law in the provider’s jurisdiction and understand their obligations under that law. It is also an offense under the National Law to subject a child being educated and cared for by an approved service to any form of corporal punishment, or any discipline that is unreasonable in the circumstances.
  • Regulation 84  - Awareness of child protection law

    The approved provider of an education and care service must ensure that nominated supervisors and staff members at the service who work with children are advised of—

    (a)  the existence and application of the current child protection law; and
    (b)  any obligations that they may have under that law.