Active Play Sessions

These sessions are designed to be dynamic, fun and energetic, incorporating fundamental body movements to support children’s physical and mental wellbeing. Children will be challenged and supported in all aspects of physical movements and cardiovascular exercises all whilst engaging in activities such as Mission Possible Obstacle Course, Bright and Bubbly Boot Camp, Little Ninjas and Wellbeing Warriors.

Workshops can be customised in line with children interests.

Audience: Workshops can be adapted to suit most age groups starting from 2 years.

Workshop timeframes:

2 – 3 years – 30 mins

3 – 5+years – 45 mins


What are participants are saying?

‘We have ideas and thinking about pushing and pulling, now providing the children the

opportunity to experiment with these movements’

‘Inspired educator are now keen to do regular active play movements with the children’

‘More active play games – we are able to see children’s capabilities’



Are you interested in finding out more? 

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